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Why Choose Digital Taxi Tops for Advertising?

Digital taxi tops represent the pinnacle of innovation in outdoor advertising. They embody dynamic, mobile displays that capture attention, ensuring widespread exposure and maximum engagement.


Here's why digital taxi top advertising is the ideal choice for our advertisers:

  1. Eye-Catching: Our vibrant, moving displays are impossible to miss, drawing attention from all angles.

  2. Measurable: Keep tabs on your ad's reach and performance with regular reports delivered directly to you.

  3. Affordable: With a low cost per impression, digital taxi top advertising is a cost-effective solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

  4. Adaptable and Efficient: Optimize exposure to reach your target audience effectively.


Reach Your Target Audience

iDigital provides the perfect solution for businesses, big or small, to optimize their advertising efforts and connect with the right audience. Whether you want to promote your morning coffee to commuters or target high street shoppers during peak hours, we help you reach your intended audience.

Our solution responds to various triggers, all under your control, enabling you to determine where, when, and to whom your message is displayed.

Our highly-targeted approach broadcasts your ad based on:

  • Location/Geo-Targeting

  • Time and Date

  • Temperature and Light Conditions

  • Demographics

So, what benefits can you expect from a targeted advertising campaign using our digital taxi tops?

  • Relevance: Deliver advertising that resonates with your audience.

  • Efficiency: Minimize ad wastage on the wrong audience or adverse weather conditions.

  • ROI: Achieve a more effective campaign with better returns on investment.

Exceeding the Gold Standard - More Effective Than TV Advertising

Need convincing? In February 2017, Next Century Media Inc. conducted a study measuring awareness levels of two digital taxi top campaigns through street intercept interviews. Here are the key findings:

  • 70% of respondents found digital display ads more attention-grabbing than static printed signs.

  • Achieving the same awareness levels via TV advertising would come at a significantly higher cost.

  • The effectiveness of digital taxi top advertising can match or even surpass that of prime time TV advertising.

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